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Czart is an association founded by young people to promote activities created by them and it is located in the city of Czestochowa in Poland. The idea behind Czart is “from young people, to young people”. It was first established to create a free place for youth in Czestochowa. It is a place for young people to have a friendly environment and resources to develop their ideas. Over the years, the organization got bigger and its goals grow with it.

Right now, Czart is one of the two sending and hosting EVS organizations in Czestochowa. It  has been sending young people from Poland to other European countries for several years now, for them to expand their visions and have various experiences first hand. The organization also hosts EVS volunteers from other countries in Czestochowa. These volunteers live in Czestochowa for different period of times. They organize activities for children and young people to improve their awareness about environment, teach them both English and their mother tongues and help them be more active and conscious about the world.

Right now, Czart is hosting six volunteers. Three of them are from Spain, the other three are from Turkey. Current volunteers are working on various projects, including going to primary and secondary schools, Tandem, Swap-Shop and teaching English, Spanish and Turkish.


Stowarzyszenie Wspierania Działań Młodzieży CZ-ART
ul. Poselska 28, 42-200 Częstochowa, Polska

info: [email protected]

NIP 949-21-45-802 KRS 0000356506
REGON 241600070

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