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Wpis City Game

„City Game” is an activity designed especially for those who have just arrived to Częstochowa and still need to familiarize with the city, although it is open to all people.

The game lies in visiting the main places of Częstochowa through a walking tour doing some tasks which could help to get used to the city as well as meeting new people since it is played in groups.

There are two different tours: one tour on the direction to Galeria Juraska (especially to have fun with funny tasks) and the other one going to Jasna Góra (mostly to get useful information while visiting the main places).

Each group is provided with a city map and a file that includes the steps to do during the game.

On the first lines of the file there is an introduction giving some geographical information about Częstochowa and a map of the corresponding route.

After this introduction there are the steps to follow one by one. Each of them are titled with the name of the place to find and its address, then there is an explanation of the landmark, standing out a photo which represents it. Having reached this point, the corresponding written task should be developed by the participants in order to go to the next step.

At the end of this game, participants will know better the city of Częstochowa and will have met more people either from Poland or from different countries.

PS. The activity is for free.

City game Czestochowa – tour 1

City game Czestochowa – tour 2




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