Tandem – Stowarzyszenie Wspierania Młodzieży CZ-ART

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Wpis Tandem

Tandem: Language Exchange

To get a better job, access to more and better information or to travel safely and avoid communication barrier, nowadays learning languages is almost essential.

The grammar can be studied with books, writing skills can be developed by reading, listening songs or watching movies in original version help to prick up one’s ears. But how could you improve your speaking skills? The CzArt Association in Czestochowa helps along to shoot the breeze through the Tandem Programme.

Tandem is a language exchange programme which offers native speakers of two different languages the opportunity to work together in order to learn each other’s language and develop a knowledge of different cultures.

That’s the goal, but how is it carried out?

There are two meetings organized on Thursday 22nd of October and on Thursday 26th of November in the afternoon with all the people who want to take advance of the project, wherein some activities take place in order to know one each other a little bit. After that, there is a time to talk and freely choose the partners. It’s up to you to decide who you would like as a Tandem mate!

Those who cannot attend the meeting are awarded a partner paying attention to the offered and asked languages filled out in the application, which you can find on the following link:


The following step consists of meet your partner face-to-face once a week in your own time and place in order to friendly talk half of the time in one language and half of the time in one other language, helping each other with corrections and advice related to the languages.

Does it really work? My own experience confirms the success of the Tandem programme, through which I have been able to learn English, Italian, Portuguese and even Finnish!

Therefore, I encourage you to take advance of this free opportunity by applying for participation in the aforementioned link or sending an e-mail to [email protected] with the following info: name, e-mail, languages to offer and languages to learn.

Spread the word!

Beatriz Caballero Aguilar

European Volunteer


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